The Geological Society of Jamaica is an organization of professional geologists and persons interested in the geosciences that promotes and encourages the study of geology and its allied sciences in Jamaica.

This is done through regular field tours of areas of geological interest and public seminars and conferences. Of great importance is the publication of these activities in our newsletters and journals of international standard for local and global distribution.

Part of our mission is to bring home the relevance of the application of geological knowledge to development in Jamaica, such as the identification of raw materials for construction and mineral resources, and information to be used by construction and development companies, as well as planners and risk managers in the banking and insurance sectors.

The Geological Society of Jamaica puts emphasis on public education events for schools and the general public, using talks and exhibitions to make them interesting. The Annual GeoSciences for Development Week at the end of November each year serves to bring recent developments to the fore for the general public.

Membership in the Society is open to all interested parties at the following levels: Professional, Associate, Institutional, and Student.